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About Rio and Naomi

Rio and Naomi

Together in 1997 we began researching how to live a healthy lifestyle kicking it off with our JuiceMan Juicer this was an easy way to integrate more fruits & vegetables into our diet, then we graduated to the VitaMix with this we learned how to make fresh fruit smooties & soups we still use the Vitamix daily but our newest juicer is an Green Star for WheatGrass juice, nut butters & much more. Then in 2007 we were introduced to a raw food diet we did a 30 day raw food challenge after that we continued eating 50% raw food each day (in other words we continued to eat cooked processed food also 50%.)

What really got us on the bandwagon of no processed food is when Naomi was diagnosed with Dysbiosis in 2008. As we struggled to figure out how to eat a very good friend Jana took Rio to a Raw/Vegan Restaurant their Recipe book and our lives changed from that day forward. To this day it's our favorite place to frequent while in the Bay Area and now 2 locations in So.Cal. we even travel there for Thanksgiving to volunteer & serve as a thanks for saving our lives. Today I am free of any disease and in those first 2 years Rio & I combined lost 110 lbs., both of our cholesterol levels have lowered & our HDL levels are so good our Doctor Sue Stone calls us her poster children of good health. We were so committed in the beginning to helping others find their joy in health we started teaching Healthy & Delicious Sustainable Food Prep classes in our Newly Remodeled Raw Kitchen. We continue to teach in our home and other satellite locations. Now over the years what we have learned has grown into a food exchange/share "Serve to Heal" program. Community based program designed to teach individual who want to learn about adding plant-based meals into their everyday lives. In return they teach others how to do the same and everyone is getting healthy, happy & feeling good as a nice by-product.

Some of our favorite recipes and looking for good food at the good price check out Azure Standards, Naomi the Fresno local contact for if you looking for the Azure Yahoo Groups.

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